Bathroom Safety For Seniors That You Should Always Consider

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One of the main focuses of people when ensuring the safety of a senior, is to make sure that his or her bathroom is safe to use, by someone who lacks body balance already, and have difficulties in moving on high risk areas.

A bathroom that is not well built for a senior can be the cause of accidents and worst – death. So to make sure that the bathroom is safe to use by a senior, here are some simple and very easy to install fixtures for his or her bathroom.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are very easy to install, as you can purchase this from any home improvement or hardware stores. Make sure that the grab bar are installed appropriately based on the height of the senior, and has a good grip on it, to make sure that he or she will be able to hold on to it, in case he or she slips while bathing.

Bath Chairs / Shower Chairs

Bath chairs or shower chairs are additional furniture pieces inside a bathroom. This type of chair allows seniors to bath easily and conveniently, without having to stand anymore. This is also an important bathroom addition, if the senior is not capable of moving his or her legs anymore.

Mats (Non-Slip)

Any bathroom tile, regardless of what type it is, will always be slippery when wet. So to avoid slip and fall, make sure to place non slip mats on areas of the bathroom that is prone to being wet.

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