Dealing With Falls Of The Elderly

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Slip and fall is one of the most common accidents that elderly commits, simply because they already lack the body balance and body strength. To deal with this issue, and to prevent it from happening, here are the tips that you might want to consider:


  • If an elderly is not capable of walking straight anymore, make sure that he is always walking with a support, like a staff or a wheel chair.
  • Make sure that the flooring is not slippery, and place non-slip rags or mats on floors that are prone to being wet.
  • Make sure that there is proper lighting in all rooms to make sure that the elderly sees every step that he is going to make.
  • Make sure that all furniture pieces used inside the room are safe for seniors to use. For example, prevent using chairs with wheels, or living room sets that are too much cushioned, which will make it difficult for them to stand after sitting.
  • Make sure that every corner of the room have hold bars, so that the elder can hold on to it safely, while moving around.

Slip and fall is one of the most common accidents that occur on elderly people due to lack of balance and decreased body coordination. Properly equipping his or her home with the things mentioned above will surely help prevent slip and fall from happening, which will also prevent serious injuries or even death.

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